Design to make travel human

How we helped Travel Creators create a new way to book travel trips.

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Hey there, I am Louisa, we love the country we live in and want to showcase it to the rest of the world!
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The mission

Bringing the personal touch back to your next adventure

A platform created to cater for the next generation of travellers, who want custom, human led trips conveniently created. Even before the pandemic the paradigm of travel was already changing, this accelerating change is seeing travellers around the world move away from traditional agent-led travel organisations to independent, verified individuals and travel creators.

The team of travel industry and technology experts are building the marketplace to enable this growing category in travel and on a mission to make travel human again.

Travel Creators

Online travel agency providing travel experts with tools to digitize and monetize their travel business


Services we provided

Product Design


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Visually create adventures

We found in our research that Travel Agents both locally and globally are not digitally native and do not always have access to desktop computing, so we created a platform that can encourage beautiful listings thats both easy and fun to use in all screen sizes.

As a Travel Creator you can use a side by side, what you see is what you get (wysiwyg) style form editor, to create all your adventures.

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messaging and managing
Making it personal

Giving the creators a platform to message and manage customers in one place means they keep on top of multiple request, reply quicker and are able to customise trips based on these conversations

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Optimised for conversion

The majority of travel seekers use their mobile to book trips. We looked to make the experience quick and easy to navigate by fixing critical information to the top and bottom of the screen whilst scrolling, encouraging the customer to interact with the Travel Creator.

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“The team at Altiverse helped bring a new dimension to our platform. A fresh new and out of the box perspective that really helped us showcase our story and the future of our product and brand.”

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Chanti grews
CEO of Travel Creators
the solution
One source of design truth

With rapid growth on the horizon for Travel Creators, there was a need to design for the now and design for the future. We worked closely with the dev team to give them what they need to make the MVP. This included designing components that can be replicated in multiple places and scalable ideas, delivered in full for the future.

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booking calendar
message to Louisa: "Hi Louisa, nice to hear from you. That should be fine! I write a quote for you now."
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