Designing the future of the connected building

How we helped Novacene lead the IoT and property tech revolution.

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The mission

You can't change what you can't measure

40% of the world's energy use is from buildings. It has been said that most of this energy has been wasted through mismanagement and inefficiencies, contributing to the environmental crisis.

Novacene is helping building and property managers finally gain a view on their energy consumption and how humans use their spaces. Using IoT and machine learning to optimise the way a building is powered and how it works around humans, to reduce costs, energy and the overall complexities that come with managing the spaces we use every day.


Building health platform for smart buildings powered by AI.

IoT, Prop-tech and AI

Services we provided


Product Design


product strategy
Digitising real world spaces and data

To truly understand how a space works first you need to map it and then measure. With the team we created an interface that makes setting up your space quick and easy.

The “plug & play” platform combines physical spaces and previously locked away data in an intuitive package to help anyone understand their space and how it is used.

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Bringing digital tools to incumbent industries

Bringing our knowledge of creator tools we created and interface that allows anyone to set up their physical space in a Novacene project.

Designed with the ease of creator tools users are already familiar with; mapping and creating a complex 3D space is now as easy as creating a Powerpoint presentation.

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Data is meaningless without context

Making sense of data starts with a user story and the context. We worked with Novacene to create a series of configurable interfaces that allow their users to surface the right combination of data, in the right view, for them to easily understand any slice of their project.

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"From Product Strategy to beautiful UX/UI. The team at Altiverse are making us a positively unique outlier in an incumbent industry”

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Bill Clee
Founder of Novacene
design system
One source of design truth

Research and collaboration are critical to creating an innovative, frictionless product.

We work side by side with the dev team enabling them to weigh in on feasibility and technical implications. Together we built a design system that can scale as the vision grows.

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