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Welcome to the Altiverse. We are a lean team on a mission to fundamentally improve the way products and brands are built.

We specialise in our skills and apply them to a range of industries. We partner with clients that are making a positive impact and are a joy to work with.

We believe in flexible work practices and we don't believe in late nights or crunch time. We achieve our best work when we're happy, rested, and motivated.

Everyone, anywhere

In our line of work it is critical that we have a diverse team. We are committed to growing an international team that is diverse, inclusive and talented. A team that takes care of each other and themselves.

The perks of the job

πŸ“ˆ Growth

We're strategic designers (not pixel pushers). Work in a team that respects and accelerates your skills and learning.

🧘 Flexibility

Work is important, but so is life. We maintain a full flexible schedule, so whatever your circumstances you can keep your work / life in balance.

🀘 Health & Wellness

Keep your mental and physical health front of mind. We invest in the wellbeing of you and the team.

✨ Team culture

We're all alone in this together (remotely). Enjoy regular team lunches, activities and annual team holidays.

We also work with a lot of freelancers.
So let us know if you can imagine us working together.