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We are strategic creatives that live in the intersection of design, product and business.

We focus on design elements that drive results for the user, the business and the bottom line.

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Our first principles matter. We keep our core values close. Ensuring all that we do and create is smart, delightful and considered.

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We make good allies because we know the startup journey. Take us along, and we'll help you fight your good fight.

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We’re a diverse team who inspire each other to succeed.

Arun Thangavel wearing a black shirt and a white T-shirt
Arun Thangavel
CEO & Founder
Lewis Sparks wearing a brown T-shirt
Lewis Sparks
Head of Brand
Jerneva Cowell wearing a white T-shirt
Jerneva Cowell
Product Design Lead
Andreea Encuțescu wearing a black shirt
Andreea Encuțescu
Senior Developer
Matthew Hyland wearing a beige shirt
Matthew Hyland
Product Designer
Greg Asselin wearing a green shirt
Greg Asselin
UX Writer