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Frequently asked questions

How can we start a project together?

1. We start with a meeting to assess scope, timeline and get to know each other.

2. Then we'll share a project quote and statement of work for you to sign off on.

3. We kick off work on your project :)

How much do projects cost usually?

Our costs are unique on every project and depend on the scope and size of the project. We can work out an estimate pretty quickly with a brief chat.

We do have a minimum engagement fee of £5,000 (€6,000 / $6,000). Don’t fret if you have a smaller project in-mind. Simply reach out to us and we’ll let you know if we can help out.

What do you specialise in?

We mainly work designing and building three things; product, websites and brand. We have done this across a range of industries and as long at your team is making a positive impact on the world we want to work with you.

We assemble a specialist squad for each project. And we start each project by going deep on discovery to understand, empathise and collaborate with you to complete any project to our high standards.

Who are your ideal customers?

We work with teams around the world from many different industries. Our ideal customer is a startup team who put user experience at the heart of what they do. A team that want to use product + design to unlock the next level of their business.

Most of those whom we have worked with previously have raised a Pre-Seed or Series A Rounds, with the average raised ranging from £250,000 - £54million (sorry, big unhelpful range, but it's true).

If you are unsure if we'd make a good fit. Simply reach out to us and we’ll let you know if we think we would make a good match.

What information do you need to prepare an estimate?

Every business is different. But usually a quick call so we can get to know you, your vision and the challenge at hand, is enough for us to get you an estimate.

Once we've had a chat. We will send over a budget estimation, project timeline, deliverables and other information. And then we can customise the project if needed and discuss when you are happy to start.