Building a big new identity

Explore how we helped Shop Circle build a brand and an enterprise website to support their grand vision.

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The mission

Bringing the personal touch back to your next adventure

Shop Circle was created by founders Luca and Gian Maria with a vision of elevating the e-commerce industry through thinking big and being bold.

Shop Circle's purpose is to be the world’s best partner and go-to solution for entrepreneurs looking to achieve next level growth. Founders at our core, they know the passion it takes to work towards achieving the goals you aspire to.

The brand is made up of building blocks, which represent overcoming obstacles, taking the next step, and assembling the right parts to reach success. By acquiring and scaling the industry’s most incredible apps, entrepreneurs can leverage cutting-edge tools and leading solutions to create memorable experiences that customers love most.

Shop Circle

The first operator of e-commerce tools.


Services we provided


Web Design

the challenge
Best of both worlds

Shop Circle wanted to cater to both merchants and developers who were exploring opportunities to either grow or sell their business. The website was built to show confidence and highlight value so customers knew they could trust Shop Circle to help them get to their next level of business – whatever that might be.

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Company Goals
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Company Values
Company's values: hard working, empathetic, empathetic
start - end journey
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our approach
A story of two halves

We clearly understood the value Shop Circle brought to both merchants and developers from the very first workshop, and we wanted to build that into the identity of the brand so it would shine through.

The logo was created out of two semi-circles, signifying two sides coming together as a whole. All of its elements are intertwined within the Shop Circle identity of using shapes and building blocks to help customers grow.

A complete system for all
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"The Altiverse team have helped us stand out within the saturated tech startup market with a fresh new brand and story. They supported us to develop a visually delightful and scalable brand and website that can be rolled out across all touch points, that our team and stakeholders love.”

Gian Maria Gramondi
Co-founder of Shop Circle
A brand of brands

Shop Circle buys e-commerce apps and scale them into industry-leading tools. This means the brand we created needed to be a brand of brands, with a design and logo system that could be applied to all the new apps that were being acquired.