Designing education for every student

How we helped BiteMedicine transform the way healthcare students learn.

The mission

On a mission to change the status quo of further education

Accelerated by the pandemic the team has grown the platform dramatically to cater for the large number of students who were left estranged after lockdowns closed down universities. Now in a post pandemic world they are on a mission to improve how people learn.

A whole host of achievements and recognition is well deserved and reflects the companies growth and expanding vision.


A online learning platform for healthcare-related students


Services we provided


Product Design

Branding Strategy

visual design
Real world education, made digital

We drew inspiration from the elements that students use in their day to day life to craft the system for brand.

Bridging the gap between analogue and digital we were able to create a system of components that reflect the BiteMedicines origins and future; developing digital tools that make learning easy, using the principles of scientifically backed learning methods.

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"There are so many brands that look alike and are forgetful. Altiverse helped us to inject personality and meaning into the brand, so we can tell our story better"

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Dr Zac Hana
CEO of BiteMedicine
visual design
Building blocks of knowledge

BiteMedicine has grown to become a multi-media education platform. The new strategy and look reflects the many building blocks and tools required throughout a learning journey.

We drew from the brand that already existed, developing a unique visual language and an iconic look and feel.

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Responsive DESIGN
A look that works on all devices

A new look and feel meant that we could use this opportunity to ensure that BiteMedicine felt consistently delightful to use and interact with across all screen sizes.

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design system
One source of design truth

Any good approach considers both the requirements to build what’s designed and how the end user will experience the product.

We created a robust design system that can scale with the fast pace of development in product, and the increasing needs of brand collateral for the marketing and sales teams.

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